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Welcome to the official website of the
Roman Catholic Church on the Isle of Man.

 The Isle of Man is one of the 18 pastoral areas which make up the Archdiocese of Liverpool,
and on the Island there are 7 Roman Catholic churches

Our Lady Star of the Sea
and St Maughold, Ramsey
St Patrick’s, Peel
Parish Priest
Father Brian O Mahony CSSp
T: (01624) 813181

St Mary of the Isle, Douglas
St Anthony’s, Onchan
St Joseph’s, Willaston
Parish Priest and Area Dean:
Monsignor John Devine
T: (01624) 675509

St Mary’s, Castletown
St Columba’s, Port Erin
Parish Priest
Fr Leo Cooper
T: (01624) 822272




Douglas, Onchan & Willaston Newsletter
Peel & Ramsey Newsletter

A leaflet entitled
‘Cautious reopening of our churches for public
worship – What to expect’\
was released by the
Liverpool Archdiocesan Office in early July
A version which has been adapted for our
privileged Isle of Man situation can be



continues to be live-streamed at the following


Further opportunities to participate in live-streamed
Masses can be found on the Archdiocesan website

from Monsignor John

Writing on 9th August 2020  – 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Year A for Sundays – Cycle II for Weekdays

Dear Parishioners

There’s been an increase in email traffic from both parishioners and from those further afield who take advantage of our live streamed Masses. There are requests for prayers for the sick, for those who have died and for those celebrating special events. There are also emails of appreciation. It might seem strange, but I feel I have got to know many parishioners better in these restricted times. People have shared their stories with me, albeit by email. And as we have prayed for each other at Mass, members of our three parishes have grown closer to each other as well.
Has all this happened in spite of the restrictions we have endured?
I believe that this sense of solidarity has come about because of the abandonment of our routine way of life that we have all experienced. The Holy Spirit has drawn closer to us in these difficult times.
The Lord works best when our self-sufficiency is challenged.
As St Paul declares ‘When I am weak, then I am strong’. (2 Cor 12:10)

There is a shortage of priests. What is the Holy Spirit telling us?
Is he telling us that we’re not praying hard enough? Is he telling us that our young people aren’t good enough to be priests?
Or is he trying to tell us something else?
Has the coronavirus introduced us to an experience of church that is less dependent on priests?
Maybe some people who have been deprived of the Mass during lockdown will never come back.
For others their faith has deepened.
For over a year we have been asking the Lord in our Synod 2020 prayer to ‘help us become the church you are calling us to be’. Maybe the Lord is taking advantage of the pandemic to move us along.

Since the day of our Baptism those of us who are cradle Catholics are invited by the Lord to discover his presence with us everywhere: in each other, in the world around us and deep within ourselves.
Nobody can do this for us, neither our parents, nor any priest. And God waits patiently for that discovery to take place in each of us, in our own way and in our own time. It often happens in the second half of life.
As a priest it’s always been my aim to set people free to take ownership of their own faith.
For centuries the priest has been seen as the middle man, the link between God and man.
That was the church I grew up in. ‘Father knows best’.

In Old Testament times the priest offered sacrifice in the temple on the people’s behalf. The priest was seen as a different species; a man set apart. What was revolutionary about the coming of Jesus is that He himself is the intermediary. He is God and man. He is Emmanuel, God with Us. Every baptised person has direct access to him.

My time in South America taught me two things …. they were very important lessons for life, and you can read more about them IN THIS WEEK’S NEWSLETTER

Lots of people have asked for copies of the Prayer of Spiritual Communion that I use at live-streamed Masses. It’s in the newsletter, and it’s here too – just scroll down and you’ll find it in the amber box, below the information about attending Mass, along with a couple of inspiring reflections which you might find helpful.

There’s also a new section below (keep scrolling down!) with reminders about some important things I’ve mentioned in the past couple of weeks

With every good wish
Fr John

Monsignor John Devine OBE MA VF
Saint Mary of the Isle   Hill Street       Douglas      Isle of Man     IM1 1EG


The cap on numbers at Masses continues – 100 at both St Mary’s and St Anthony’s.
Retaining the 5.00pm Mass at St Mary’s for the moment, rather than re-locating back to St Anthony’s,
allows us to maintain the advantage of our live streaming facility –
a service greatly appreciated by so many parishioners from all our Island parishes.
If live streaming were to be lost on a Saturday evening, it would leave many without this option.

• The Sunday obligation is still suspended.
• Please adhere to social distancing guidelines in place. Any children accompanying you must do the same.
• Please sanitise your hands when you enter and leave the church. Holy water fonts are not in use .
• There will be no hymns books, Mass books or newsletters.
• You will be guided to a bench by a volunteer steward. It may not be where you usually sit.
• Toilets will remain closed at all times except for a genuine emergency.
• Only the priest will be on the sanctuary – without deacons, servers, readers etc. 
• There will be no children’s liturgy or choir and no live singing.
• There will be no Sign of Peace.
• Holy Communion will be distributed after the final dismissal of the Mass.
• The words “The Body of Christ” and the reply “Amen” will only be said once at the beginning of distribution. These words will not to be repeated for each person receiving Holy Communion.
• The priest will wear a visor during Holy Communion.
• The volunteer stewards will direct you to approach the altar to receive Holy Communion.
• People receiving Communion are instructed to approach the altar with their arms outstretched so as to maintain a reasonable distance from the minister.
• You may only receive the Sacred Host in your hand and not on your tongue. Communicants must avoid skin to skin contact with the minister’s hands.
• You must then step to one side, place the Sacred Host in your mouth then follow directions to leave the church immediately.
• Please do not gather at the back of church to chat.
• Please sanitise your hands on leaving.
• Baskets will be available at the entrance (and exit) for your weekly Offertory collection.
• The doors will be closed immediately after Mass to allow the stewards to sanitise all surfaces.

Prayer of Spiritual Communion used at live-streamed Masses
Lord Jesus Christ,
You promise to be with us when two or three are gathered together in your name.
You promise to be with us until the end of time.
You are with us when we hear your Word in the Sacred Scriptures.
You are with us in those who are hungry and thirsty, sick or in prison and in the face of the stranger.
You are with us in our beautiful world and in the very stuff of the entire Universe.
You are with me in the very depths of my being;
And you are with us in the consecrated bread and wine of the Eucharist.
Today I am unable to receive you in this Sacrament of your Body and Blood.
Lord Jesus, strengthen my belief that you are always with us until you come again.
I believe that one day I will see you face to face
when there will be no more suffering, no more tears and no more sadness.
Lord Jesus, stay with me and with those I love throughout this day and for the rest of my life.
You who live and reign for ever and ever. Amen

Pope Francis on today’s gospelMatthew 14: 22-33 – Jesus walks on the water, and calms the storm

“The boat of our life is often storm-tossed and buffeted by winds. Even when the waters are calm, they quickly grow agitated. When we are caught up in those storms, they seem to be our only problem.
But the issue is not the momentary storm, but how we are navigating through life. The secret of navigating well is to invite Jesus on board. The rudder of life must be surrendered to him, so that he can steer the route.
Let us invite Jesus into the boat of our life. Like the disciples, we will realize that once he is on board, the winds die down and there can be no shipwreck.”

From The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything by James Martin SJ 

Good decisions mean a wholehearted Yes to both the positives and negatives that come with any choice. Every state of life, every decision, includes some pain that must be accepted if you are to enter fully into those decisions and into new life. “All symphonies remain unfinished,” said Karl Rahner. There is no perfect decision, perfect outcome or perfect life. Embracing imperfection helps us relax into reality. When we accept that all choices are conditional, limited and imperfect our lives become paradoxically more satisfying, joyful and peaceful.
All this points us to the unconditional, unlimited and perfect One to whom we say ‘yes’: God. All of our decisions should be focused on this reality. “Our only desire and our one choice,” said Ignatius, “should be this: I want and choose what better leads to God’s deepening his life in me.” 



Thank you to all those who have contributed so generously to the collection for Fr Brian’s Retirement Presentation.
It is hoped that we will be able to suitably celebrate Fr Brian’s service to the church on the Island at an event in the autumn. Many people are experiencing hard times but I know you need no prompting to contribute what you can afford.
Contributions by cash or cheque (payable to St Mary of the Isle) will continue to be gratefully received at the parish office.

This year our traditional May time celebrations of First Holy Communion did not take place.
Some parents have chosen to delay their child’s celebration until next year.
Others have opted to have their child make their First Holy Communion informally, in small groups, over successive weeks at the 5pm Saturday evening Mass in St Mary’s.
Our live streaming facility allows wider participation of family members and friends unable to travel.